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Rules of the website Empty Rules of the website

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:42 pm

Follow this rules and you will be ok :
Arrow Images need to be in 640px format.
Arrow Respect each other, no dirty talking.
Arrow You get banned for a period of time not permanently.
Arrow No need for credits so when you upload a mod we don't care who's the author, designer ...
Arrow Pirating is allowed so we don't care where stuff's from.
Arrow If you got problems with uploading, ask for help and don't post stuff in the wrong section.
Arrow If a Topic is blocked that means you can't reply; you need to add a new topic. (example: Media section, Topic - "Media, Entertainment" is locked. Add a new topic with the name of the subject and content. Example - "Fast and Furious 4")
Arrow Most important rule : enjoy and have fun.

Rules of the website Nsr11

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